Terms & Privacy Policy


Read carefully before registration and order services

The use of services given by Smmforu organise agreement to these terms. Smmforu will not chargeable for loss in any way for users who have not to look through the below terms of services. By entering or using our services you accept that you have read and fully appreciate the following terms and services of Smmforu.


  1. Smmforu will only be used to encourage your Instagram/Twitter/Facebook or Social account and help raise your “Arrival” only.
  2. We do not assurance 100% of our accounts will have a profile picture, full bio, uploaded pictures, while we endeavour to make this the reality for all accounts.
  3. We do not commit your new followers will interface with you; we simply contact you to get the followers you pay for.
  4. You will not transmit anything into the Smmforu site including nudeness or any material that is not allowable or reasonable for the Instagram/ Twitter/Facebook or social media community,

Fiverr, eBay and another popular website seller

Smmforu, not assurance full transporting with 24 hours. We make no assurance for transporting time at all. We provided our best rating for orders during the does placement of orders, however, these are ratings. We will not carry answers for loss and funds, negative reviews or you being banned for late transporting. If you are dealing on a website that expected time-sensitive results, use Smmforu at your own risk.

Refund Policy

We are allowed 14 days of Refunds for the following terms.

  1. Order spotted completed without done of full refunds.
  2. Order not outset within 5 days, full refunds.
  3. We provided a fractional refund for all replenish services as refill conditions.
  4. 1st step refund your account balance, if you need an inlet refund, contact us. If, you agree that once you finished the payment, you will not file a brawl or recompense against us for any reason. Refund contact our support.

If you file a brawl or recompense against us after a deposit, we reserve the right to abolish all future orders, ban you from our site. We also reserve the right to repel any followers or likes we deliver to your or your clients Instagram/Facebook/Twitter or other social media accounts.

Orders established in Smmforu will not be reverted or cancelled after they are placed. You will receive a withdrawal credit to your Smmforu account if the order is non-deliverable.

Mislaid or several account orders will not qualify for a refund. Make sure before placing each order.

Fraud activity such as using unwarranted or stolen credit cards will lead to abolish of your account. There is no repentance.

We cannot give you the right followers/likes numbers in that deed so please do not use more than one server at the same time for the same page. We will not refund these orders. Please put regard!

Our most of the service started immediately expected few services that take 24-48 hours to deliver. Please contact support to fix the objection in case you will not receive your service in time. We are here for you 18 hours per day to support you.

Privacy Policy

Our company extravagant values your privacy. We follow a policy of secretly telling you how we gather and use information about you and what we do to keep this information secretly.

In Smmforu we do not share the personal information that you have given us. Also, we do not share any information with third parties, including your orders. We don’t infusion and connect with the owners of services We do not reveal information about your resale- all information stays with us.

Smmforu will save your data for safety and the preclusion of fraud, theft or loss. Also, we guarantee the safety of your data from copying or variation by third parties. SMM PANEL works only with legitimate representatives who value the protection of personal information. That’s why we are sure that your information will be guarded here.