I want to resell with a panel equal to yours? How can I do that?

First, you will need to go to the websites registration link and then you will register for the SMM Panel after you can attach it with us very comfortably.

How can we add funds to Panel?

It is very smooth to go to this page Add Funds (Paytm Automatic Funds, Bhim UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal)

Paytm is also accepted here?

Yes, Paytm is also acceptable for all UPI and Paytm wallet payments

How long does it take to actuate my PayPal?

You will have to add a minimum balance of $10 to your PayPal account and then get the ticket and send it to us to allow the use of PayPal with your account. Or you can add it to the funds' addition page of your account. Note: The username must be on the ticket.

What does it mean by fractional status?

A fractional status means you are fractionally paid for your services that’s would you offer, It means in case the delivery is not made complete, a refund of a fractional amount is given. Example: If you were booked with $100 for 100000 delivery you were only able to do 90000 and 10000 was not completed. Then, the refund and fractional amount refunded will be here ( $10 for 10000) in that case.

Can I cancel an order that I gave?

No, orders are permanent, can not be cancelled by admin.

When does the term \"Instagram impact\" mean?

The number of people who have extended or liked your post means impact, It is related to brands usually. Plus how many Instagram users have seen your post, also specified as an impact.